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What gets named after great photographers?

Well, in the case of one of Croatia’s most famous photographers, it’s the damn steps that I climb on my way home! I curse them every day (about 109 of them), and I often wondered who is the poor sod who doesn’t even get a street named after him, but just a set of stairs. It turns out Tošo Dabac was a photographer known for his steet photograpy in Zagreb, during the 30s and 40s.

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Welcome to Siberia

Yup, the Russian cold front came here… It was -12C this morning (that’s 10F for the Celsius challenged) as I was walking to work. On my 10 minute walk down the hill the only people I saw moving outside were dog owners and their frozen furry friends. The steam from my breath got frozen on my eyelashes by the time I got to the tram.

Crystal has been here for little over a week now, and we’re getting used to a very different life than the one in Philly. I get done with work around 3pm, she starts at 2pm. This means I’m attempting to do some more cooking. Hopefully I’ll stick to it and we won’t be ordering food every day…
Be sure to check out Crystal’s blog for her side of the story.

Frosted windshield on a cold Zagreb morning
Frosted windshield on a cold Zagreb morning

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Random Observations

As I was in the tram this evening, passing the main square, I saw 2 kids on bicycles next to the fountain, one holding one of those garden or pool tongs on a long stick (that cleaners in wealthier countries use to pick trash off the ground), plucking out bills from the fountain. Ingenious!

Then on my 10-minute uphill freezing march to the apt, I also realized that no matter what time I’m coming home, whether it was a 3 or 8 beer night, or very early in the morning, the only people out there beside me were dog owners and their doggies, nice or dusgruntled. Seeing the things that Željka has to go through with her new dog, I’m having some second thoughts about owning one…

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High speed, no wires!

I finally moved to the new apt, and am living here by myself until Crystal comes next week. Just about the bests thing besides some personal freedom are DSL with 802.1g wireless!
I promptly used the broadband connection to see all the useless shit on the Internet I’ve been missing for the last 3 months. I managed to show Igor the unbelievable David Hasselhoff video, that is truly one of the worst uses of broadband ever. And no matter what the site says, he’s NOT big in Europe!

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Rebellion in a certain ministry

“Work” was really messed up today… We were told to move a bunch of furniture in and out of the building (in the rain) and carry some of it up a bunch of stairs. One of us guys complained saying that some of the furniture was too big and heavy for us to carry, that we simply physically can’t lift it, and that they should hire professionals. Shit hit the fan then. The facilities guy who ordered us around went up to the higher-ups, who all decided that we shouldn’t be babies (”When we were in the army…”, “We all do a bunch of things we aren’t qualified for…”) and now we have to continue with this fiasco on Monday. Our immediate (female) boss defended us and also said that they should just spend the money on some movers, but her voice didn’t count against the older men who think that the young guys should just learn how to be real men.
I simply can’t wait to become like them!

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The Village People in Zagreb!

Yes, you’ve read it right. Zagreb is hosting the World Ski Cup race tomorrow, so there’s all kinds of stuff happening, including a bunch of bad disco bands playing at the start number drawing on the main square.
I stopped by on my way to have a beer, and witnessed the mad crowd who was there to cheer for Croatian skiers.

Croatian fans
Croatian fans

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