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Zoo birth

Last weekend we went to the Zagreb Zoo, which is small but quite nice, and witnessed a birth of a baby saber-horned orxy, and managed to take some pictures.
People were amazed to see no zoo staff helping the mother. Other than the fact that nobody helps them in the nature, I think any human trying to approach would have seen how sharp those 3-foot horns are!

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Happy Earth Day

To celebrate it (not really planned), we went hiking in the hills around Samobor. With perfect spring weather and almost nobody on the trails, it was a really nice hike.
Spring has definitely become my favorite season. It used to be summer when I was a kid, but now I find it just too damn hot. Also, with age and maybe newer allergy meds, my spring allergies got a lot better. Now I can fully enjoy the smell of all the blooming thingies that made me cry and choke before.
So if you haven’t been out for a walk in the nature lately, you should really go, you might like it!

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Upgrade at work

With the software upgrade, they were so desparate for more manpower, that they decided to entrust their free labor (the three of us) with computers and some work to be done in this new software. So we got upgraded from just carrying stuff around to entering it in the computer, then carrying it around.

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Easter in Pula

We spent 3 days in Pula at my friend Marko’s mom’s place. Aside from eating a lot of good food, we saw Pula, Rovinj, and Hum, supposedly the smallest city in the world.
We drove back over U?ka mountain, which reminded me that the weather is now nice enough to do some serious hiking outside of Zagreb. Just need to convince some friends with a car that it’s a good idea…

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Another unsuccessful IT rollout

It’s really funny to be an IT guy going through a major software rollout at work, and not being on the supporting or receiving end of it. As a somewhat educated observer, over the past 4 months I witnessed preparations for migration to the new program that our Ministry uses to keep track of all the cases from environmental issues to zoning and building licenses.
It was a classic story of an outdated DOS program that worked well for years, but needed to be replaced with something new that could be better networked one day etc.
The first major mistake was that someone decided to purchase it without doing an in-house demo, or doing much comparison with another program. Some other Ministry was using it already, so it must be OK. Maybe a dinner and some tickets from the sales team, and what more convincing do you need, right?
So even after user training, 4 months of delays in order to adjust things, today was the first day, and production almost completely stopped. Instead of the DOS interface that was keyboard only, the new web one includes a lot of scrolling, no back navigation, font too small for anyone over 30 to see etc. Many search and sort functions are missing, and navigation totally doesn’t support the workflow that hundreds of people are used to. The easy answer - just change the way you do everything, and stop whining, we paid a lot of money for this, so we must live with it!

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We went to Venice this past weekend, since neither of us has ever been before (and now we’re not likely to go again any time soon). It was also the first time we went on an organized overnight trip, but it was worth it this time, as it was a bit complicated to do it ourselves for just 2-3 days.
It didn’t seem to smell that bad, or at least no more than any other place on the sea. Everything else was pretty much as expected though. It also wasn’t flooded as it is for about 40 days out of the year. I really liked the city itself with its small streets, canals, architecture, and a ton of history behind it. It’s fascinating to see how a city lives with water canals instead of roads - trash, mail, police, ambulance, everything moves by boat. People who want to exercise can’t run or ride a bike, but row a kayak in the canals.
We also visited three interesting surrounding islands in the lagoon around Venice. Pictures to be posted soon.
Enjoyment would be complete if there weren’t a few million tourists there as well, trying to see everything you do, and an army of Italians and some Asians, fully trained and motivated to try to get as much money from all of the tourists. I’d still recommend everyone go see it at least once if you get an opportunity…

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