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Another challenge

It’s been 4 days since I finished the marathon, and I’m now signed up for the Philadelphia triathlon in June.
Christopher and I have been talking about it for a while, but last night I went drinking with Don, and apparently we made some kind of a friendly competitive commitment, and now we’re signed up.
I’m going to Croatia tomorrow for only one week, but when I come back I’ll have to work on creating a triathlon training schedule!

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It’s done, and it was awesome!

So I really didn’t need to worry about anything. As soon as we started running I quickly forgot about my headache and my cold and enjoyed the run. Chuck and I started with the 4:00 hours pace group, which is a really good way for beginners to keep their desired pace, get some company and additional motivation.
Support along the way was great too, thanks to everyone who decided to spend their Sunday morning cheering for crazy running people. For those who have never witnessed a running event, it’s well worth your time - runners will really appreciate your support, and you might see some weird things like: a guy running in a red dress, a guy wearing a wooden lighthouse, a guy juggling with 3 balls the whole way, etc.
I ended up finishing in 3:52:39, which is about 7 minutes faster than I had hoped for.

To sum it up - 4 months of training, 4 hours of pleasure and pain, and it’s all worth it! I’m sure I’ll be doing it again some time…

Marathon start
Marathon start

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The anticipation…

It’s killing me!
Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up and run a marathon. All these questions are going through my head - have I trained enough, will my cold affect how I can run, what am I going to wear tomorrow, etc…
I really want to go just under 4 hours, but I should really be happy if I just finish without too much pain, or without having to walk a lot. We have people over for the pasta dinner and maybe games, so hopefully that will take my mind off of stupid worries.

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AP: Man and Beast Seen Running, Suspected Crazy

It’s been raining so much today we have flood and thunderstorm warnings. However, I needed to do what’s probably my last pre-marathon run, and Pablo needed his daily exercise. Being that Crystal was away, I took Pablo running with me.
Despite the angry, hydroplaning asshole drivers who brake for nobody, we had a good run. He kept a good pace with me, and even though he doesn’t really love being wet, he was a good sport about it. We didn’t even have to stop too many times to pee on trees.

Saw only two other runners, zero canines.

The good news is that the Sunday marathon forecast is overcast and in the 50s, which I consider perfect.

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I’ve been attacked!

Well, my website at least. This is the second time it’s been down since I moved it to the new provider, this time supposedly someone launched a large DD0S attack against my site. I have no idea why someone would do such a thing on purpose… Supposedly the ISP for my provider blocked all traffic to my IP because of that. So even though it’s not the provider’s fault, the site’s been down more than when it was living in my living room!

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‘Tis the season (of some kind)

Despite the efforts of Starbucks to convince us it’s Christmas time with its seasonal decorations and Christmas blend lattes, it was 71 and sunny in Philly today, and it smelled like spring.
We took advantage of that and sat on our patio with Pablo for a couple of hours. He’s being a really good dog and at this point if we do have any allergies because of him, they will be minor enough that we can deal with them. He might have allergies too according to the vet, since his eyes are red every evening!

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Getting used to this

Dog owners, day 6.

Well, I’m slowly getting used to being a dog owner. Waking up earlier in the morning, trying to put a leash on a stubborn jumping animal, coming home from work and taking him out before attending to any of my needs, eating dinner while the dog is staring at you while laying at your feet, having dog conversations at the park while our animals are trying to figure out who’s the most dominant one…
I also realize that Pablo is so different from the dog I imagined I’d have one day. Without going into details, he just is, but he’s got his own personality that I’m starting to get attached to and am not sure if I’d be able to give him up.
I went to see a doctor today and he says my breathing problems are most likely due to a virus, not a dog, so Pablo’s got good chances of staying with us! Keep your fingers crossed for the sake of Pablo who’s probably had a rough last few months…

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