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The Potter Frenzy

I’ve been holding off on reading the Harry Potter books for years. Sure, they’re popular, the movies were kinda cute although not special, even a lot of friends recommended them to me. Friends who have read all the “serious” Sci-Fi and fantasy books like me. But I still shrugged them off as kids’ books.
Crystal got me the first 3 books recently, so I started reading and really enjoying them, they started off as fun, yet still predictable and distinctly kids’ books. I thought I’d be able to wait for the 7th and the last one to come out in paperback, because it wouldn’t be a big deal to wait. Well, now I’m flying through the 5th book and I’m hoping to be able to finish the 6th before the last installment comes out in 3 weeks. And yes, I might be one of those freaks rushing to the bookstore on day one!
The books are becoming way darker and the plot more intricate and unpredictable, turns out Rowling is a really good storyteller, and is successfully “growing up” the characters as the books progress. It’s not quite George R.R. Martin, but she’s even killing off characters! (although, unlike Martin, her series is actually going to finish, she’s not procrastinating for ages).
It’s amazing how universally accepted and popular these books are, and I suspect they’ll be popular for years to come…

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My (first) triathlon

Yesterday was really cool - I finished the Olympic distance triathlon that I’ve been training for for over 4 months.
If I had to use one word to describe it I’d definitely use “fun”! I sort of expected to maybe dislike it, but after completing it I realized how exciting the whole thing was. Not that it wasn’t hard, from freaking out at the in-water start when I had to concentrate really hard to control my breathing, swim straight and not get smacked by someone, to a somewhat crowded bike course and a sort of sweaty run, it was definitely challenging, but still loads of fun.
It was also really cool to finish before my friends (because I started earlier, not because I was better) and then be able to cheer for them while they were finishing their run. Thanks to all the people that came out to watch and support all the participants, it really does make the difference for us!

Since I only seem to write blog entries after some sporting events, I might as well do some more of them!
Incidentally, this was also the first time I was branded as a 30-year old (literally, had a “30″ written on my calf), as this event cared about how old I will be this calendar year. I actually turn 30 in about 4 weeks.

3 friends at a tri
3 Friends at a Tri

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