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The dog that is still growing up

Haven’t written anything about Pablo in a while, but the little devil is still around and very active.
At the beginning of this summer I was telling everyone how he calmed down a lot and is comfy with his routine and doesn’t get into trouble much. This is still mostly true, as he is really good at the dog park, plays well with most dogs, isn’t as pushy as he used to be, and he almost always comes when called. He also hasn’t destroyed anything at home in a long time, the exception being my old running watch last week.
But Pablo has recently figured out that we will actually play with him at home. So he went from laying in his bed most of the evenings to constantly bringing us toys and wanting to play. This is great in a sense that he gets more entertainment, but he never gives up. If we don’t give him attention and play when he wants, he goes on these really annoying barking sprees, and if we ignore him he escalates it into jumping on the couch, pulling blankets and so on. Since newer dog behavior specialists have really convinced me that good old kicks in the butt, shaking the dog by the scruff of his neck, etc don’t really work, we are left with techniques of ignoring him, transferring his attention to something else that he should be doing, and maybe closing him in the bathroom for 30 seconds. We yet have to be successful in using these.
In addition, Pablo is also still afraid of just about everything. Strange men, city noises, shiny objects scare the crap out of him. He walks through the city with his tailed curled between his legs, his eyes darting everywhere, looking for the next thing to be scared of. Oh yeah, he can still do only about 10 minutes in a car without puking.
But as much of a pain as he sometimes is, we really love him and I couldn’t imagine giving him up. I hope he grows old in our family, and hopefully has little less energy by then. I guess I just wanted to warn potential new dog owners that most dogs require a lot of work for a long, long time, and adopted dogs can carry some baggage that you initially aren’t aware of. Still, if we had the means, I’d adopt a bunch of them :)

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It’s pretty official - I’m going to Nepal

I’ve been talking about it for a while, but it was still pretty unbelievable when I hung up the phone with Rusty from REI. I almost can’t believe it but I’m signed up for a three week trekking trip in April 2008.
There’s still a lot of work to be done - plane tickets, visas, packing lists, and I guess some physical training- before I even leave, but it will be worth the trouble. Out of the three weeks, there are 14 solid days of trekking at elevations between 11,000 and 17,000 feet (3,5-5,5km for the rest of the world), including an optional visit up to the Everest base camp. Group size is up to 15 people, plus Yaks, Sherpas and a local guide.
Makes for exciting stuff, I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of nights falling asleep imagining this trip (and thinking through what photo equipment I should bring or buy).

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