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A week until Chicago

A week from tomorrow I’ll be running my second marathon! We’re going to Chicago on Friday afternoon, coming back Monday night. Neither one of us has been there before so we’ll do some sightseeing and stuff… Lots of eating too I imagine, little less drinking (all of that after the race). Martin and his buddy are flying in from London to run as well, so we’ll have some company.

I did my last long run this morning, 10 miles at marathon pace, which seemed easy enough, and I guess I’m ready to go for my goal of 3:40 next week. It will be insane, 4 times the size of Philly at 45,000 runners! Crystal will be lucky if she even sees me running at all.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is getting Pablo back from daycare, we’re really hoping to get a good report this time, he’ll need to go 4 days without annoying the staff and other dogs too much.

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Spoiled bums

So the other day I’m walking home (one of the few days I didn’t bike), and this young-ish black woman is running down the street, asking people for change. I almost never give change to bums, unless I know specifically they are hungry and they will buy food with this money, which you can’t really be sure. I have heard many really bad stories from what looked like physically fit and somewhat mentally healthy people, and I normally don’t fall for them anymore.
Anyway, I give this woman a quarter for whatever strange reason, then she stops and asks:

“Are you going by the Starbucks, could you get me something to drink?”
Me (thinking that it is very damn hot outside, and maybe the woman’s dehydrated): “Like water?”
She: “No, a small strawberry frappuccino, please?”
Me: ??@#$%^….

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Why can’t they all just get along

Some slightly concerning news out of Nepal today, about the Maoist party quitting the government, demanding that the monarchy be turned into a republic. While overall this is probably a good thing, these guys are not your average parliamentary party, having held a guerrilla army for the last ten years, now threatening with protests and possible violence again. Hopefully things won’t escalate to the 2006 levels, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes our for any news from the region.

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Delinquent with a capital P

Pablo, that is.

Last time we took Pablo to daycare (and no, it’s not just some fancy way to get rid of him for a day, it’s a place where we board him when we leave town, and it also allows us to have a walk-free day every few weeks) there was an incident… An incident when he tried to mount some other dog, who apparently didn’t like that and a fight ensued. Overall, no harm done, other than we were told for the first time that Pablo doesn’t listen to anyone there, and that if this happens again (even though they aren’t supposed to put dogs that don’t get along together), our dog is banned from the place. This came as a bit of a shock. I mean, if your kid gets in a fight in school, you talk to the kid. What do you tell a hyperactive 2-year old mutt???

After talking to the owner of the place, he’s willing to work with us and the crazy Mexican, but we have to give them some tips on how to get him to listen, and they have to make sure they have appropriate staff on the days he is visiting. It’s like owning a highly dangerous four-legged criminal. He’s really not that bad, but if the staff at the daycare didn’t work with him at all, no wonder he thinks he owns that joint.

We are also starting some additional work with the dog trainer next week, to solve some obedience and many fear issues that this canine has.
Definitely not what we were hoping for when adopting a cute abandoned doggy, but it is what it is.

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I’m glad to see that weird superstitions and animal sacrifices are still present in this world, and may be affecting me personally. Apparently, Nepali Airlines today has sacrificed two goats in front of their broken Boeing 757 at the Kathmandu airport, in order to make the repairs go better.

I haven’t purchased my plane tickets to Kathmandu yet, but I sure hope I book them on some airline that trusts their mechanics more than they do goat sacrifices to a Hindu god!

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