Delinquent with a capital P

September 18th, 2007

Pablo, that is.

Last time we took Pablo to daycare (and no, it’s not just some fancy way to get rid of him for a day, it’s a place where we board him when we leave town, and it also allows us to have a walk-free day every few weeks) there was an incident… An incident when he tried to mount some other dog, who apparently didn’t like that and a fight ensued. Overall, no harm done, other than we were told for the first time that Pablo doesn’t listen to anyone there, and that if this happens again (even though they aren’t supposed to put dogs that don’t get along together), our dog is banned from the place. This came as a bit of a shock. I mean, if your kid gets in a fight in school, you talk to the kid. What do you tell a hyperactive 2-year old mutt???

After talking to the owner of the place, he’s willing to work with us and the crazy Mexican, but we have to give them some tips on how to get him to listen, and they have to make sure they have appropriate staff on the days he is visiting. It’s like owning a highly dangerous four-legged criminal. He’s really not that bad, but if the staff at the daycare didn’t work with him at all, no wonder he thinks he owns that joint.

We are also starting some additional work with the dog trainer next week, to solve some obedience and many fear issues that this canine has.
Definitely not what we were hoping for when adopting a cute abandoned doggy, but it is what it is.

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  • 1. » Bad &hellip  |  September 26th, 2007 at 7:09 am

    [...] So Pablo’s been bad. It seems like the only way we can really get him to behave these days is if we bribe him with food or if he’s really, really tired from extra extra exercise. Some things he’s really good at without us doing anything (doesn’t destroy house while we are away, sits at doors before entering or leaving, doesn’t enter our bedroom). Tomorrow we have our first meeting with Jane Brydon to start his one-on-one training. I hope it helps! [...]

  • 2. John@Dog-Breeds-Explained  |  January 24th, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    Great post. You have my sympathy, for you and your dog.

    You sound like your trying to do the best you can for your dog and the owner of the day centre.

    I have to say, they should know exactly how to look after your dog. In fact, they should have a basic skill with all dog breeds, surely?

    If your dog was that bad surely you would be the first to know? my advise as always is good dog training and regular exercise. The dog will love both and should seem less aggressive with other dogs and dog owners and day care dog watchers!

    I wish you the best. Sincerely,
    John Adams

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