Hi-tech brushing

October 29th, 2007

I visited the dentist last week (after delaying for about 18 months), and got convinced that I should get an electric toothbrush. So after spending some time being confused by all the models and reading Amazon reviews, I ordered the one with the highest model number, because that’s gotta be the best!
And is there a better way to get me to brush properly than get a cool gadget to do it with?!

So today I got my Oral-B Triumph 9950 with SmartGuide delivered… It took me more time to get it all assembled than it would for a camera or a computer part. I actually had to refer to the quick start sheet and the manual! It’s a toothbrush! But it is no ordinary toothbrush - it has 4 different brushes, 4 modes of brushing and massaging, and a very cool wireless gadget (SmartGuide) that displays the time you have left for brushing each quadrant of your mouth, which mode you are in, battery status, and it even flashes red if you’re pressing too hard!!!
It will even tell me when it’s time to replace my brush head, which is probably 2 months before you’d actually need to replace it, but it looks like I’ll be giving these guys even more money down the road.
Well, if I don’t get yelled at by the dentist some time in the future, it will be all worth it…

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