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February 29th, 2008

I shop at Whole Foods at least twice a week. I noticed the trend of how they’re trying to push reusable canvas bags harder and harder these days.
A couple of years ago you’d have to ask to buy a canvas bag. This changed into canvas bags being prominently displayed and cashiers thanking you for bringing your own bag, and occasionally even praising (”wow, reusable bag, you’re my kind of guy”). Then they started asking questions like “paper, plastic, or would you like to buy a reusable bag today?”. Now I feel totally guilty when I go to the store without my own bag (as in I’m coming from somewhere else and don’t have my cloth bag on me), I almost want to offer an explanation and say that I will put my recyclables in the paper bag I get.
The other day I overheard something that was almost bordering on offensive like “I noticed you don’t have a reusable bag today, are you going to get one?”
While I’m all for reusable bags, and take mine even to the liquor store these days, that was just a little too much…
I also read today that the store will completely eliminate plastic bags by Earth Day this year, which I guess will either eliminate some of the tension regarding the choice, or piss people off even more.

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  • 1. Michael  |  March 6th, 2008 at 1:04 am

    We actually did away with plastic bags at all large stores in San Francisco last year, although the Chinese are still puttering around Chinatown with their pink plastic bags somehow…

    So, my Whole Foods trips are always with my canvas bags in tow. They’re actually pretty kick ass and solid. Plus, I adore all the attention I get from the cashiers. This one girl who was bagging thought that it was so awesome that I brought my bags and used my Timbuk2 for spare items that we hooked up later on that day and got completely wasted. That’s a true story if is wasn’t completely false.


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