Pre-race jitters, rituals

March 8th, 2008

So I’m running a half-marathon tomorrow, first one in a year and a half, and I’m going through all the familiar nervousness that happens for anything from a 5K to a marathon, just at different levels. I guess the more you do it, the easier it becomes…
Here are some typical thoughts that go through my head the day before a race:

  • Weather - I keep obsessing with the weather (it will be cold and very windy tomorrow), normally checking sites that have hourly graphs for temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity…
  • Clothes - closely related to the weather, it’s always a question of what to wear for the race. You don’t want to be too hot or cold, so the question is long or short stuff, any layers, accessories
  • Food - this is normally an easy one, at least when I’m at home the day before, just load up with my standard pretty plan pasta with olive oil and spinach. You definitely don’t want to eat something weird the day before or in the morning before the race. I also bought some red wine which I’ll be drinking by myself tonight as Crystal is in Hawaii, and I’ll try to limit myself to a glass or 2.
  • Thingies - I am always obsessed with packing, this is no different. I lay out all the clothes and other crap like fuel belt, nip guards, GPS, timing chip and bib number if I already have them. These are seemingly little things, but if I forgot any it could throw me off mentally, or result in a less comfortable race (as in the case of nip guards let’s say)
  • Strategy - based on my current fitness level, goals, the course, I tend to go over different strategies in my head, so I can hit the right pace to finish strong, but also go as fast as possible

I sort of signed up for this half-marathon just for fun, and didn’t really train too hard for it, but I know I can beat my PR from 18 months ago, despite the hills and the wind, we’ll just see by how much…

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    [...] small benefit is that instead of pre-race jitters, the night before the race I can now enjoy some [...]

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