A shower with a view

April 14th, 2008

Today we slept in until 5 (wakeup call is kitchen boys bringing us hot tea to our tents). Did a short hike up the hill to about 15,000′ and had a nice view of Lhotse, Makalu, and of course Ama Dablam.
People are feeling a bit better, but most conversations still revolve around words like diarrhea, stomach problems, Diamox, Imodium, Ibuprofen, consistency of poop, and similar.
Today’s highlight was definitely the shower - they set up a shower tent (a tarp wrapped around 4 poles, and a hand-pump shower with enough hot water). It is a bit chilly to stand bare ass naked and wet in the windy Himalayas, but in addition to the “almost clean” feeling, us tall people had an excellent view of Ama Dablam soaring about the shower tent…
I also visited the Internet cafe here, which felt more like a cave, with large gravel on the ground, plywood walls, tons of batteries ans UPSs powering several brand new laptops over a satellite Internet link. Two reasons to wrap up quickly - crazy prices ($1 per 3 minutes, as opposed to $0.50/hour in Kathmandu), and your fingers get cold since you’re just in this shack.
In other Nepali news, it’s looking like the Maoist party is going to win the majority and rewrite the constitution. According to people here, that’s a good thing, as these former terrorists (as classified by the State Department) will no longer lead guerrilla wars, but have a chance to fulfill their promises by being in power. The previous government didn’t do much in 13 years, so why not give these guys a chance, at least they won’t be in the woods, shooting people and scaring tourists. At least that’s the gist of the local sentiment, if I understood it correctly. I really would like to read what the rest of the world things of this, but will have to wait a few weeks for that.

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