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April 15th, 2008

Luboche - 4940m

We’re definitely in a different landscape now. Big boulders that the Khumbu glacier brings down, no vegetation, just rock, ice, and big mountains. The uphill climb wasn’t so bad, but we were still all wiped out when we reached camp by 1pm. It’s also getting significantly colder, which our bodies think is even colder due to this silly altitude. Unlike in the past 2 days in Dingboche, and some previous campsites, we’re not staying near a lodge, so our meals are not indoors. This means that any free time is passed either in the sleeping bag or in the dining tent. Right now there’s a mean game of hearts being played in the dining tent by a bunch of bundled up people with headaches.
The next 2 days are going to be really exciting and hard, we’re just not sure whether Kala Patthar or Base Camp comes first, it largely depends on the weather.
With as rocky and uneven as this surface is, I’m amazed they found a few spots even remotely flat to pitch our tents.
At this altitude we get only 55% of the oxygen as we would at sea level, which explains why I’m out of breath just putting clothes on, or standing up, or simply chewing.
Ahh, my winter gloves smell like Pablo!

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