Back to the big city

April 22nd, 2008

After an early morning flight from Lukla (downhill takeoff, mints and cotton served after the takeoff, quite a bit of turbulence), we were back in Kathmandu, with all the smog, crazy traffic, and the relentless shop owners trying to sell us crap. Instead of dodging yak crap and yak horns on the trail, we’re back to dodging cars, motorcycles, animals and hash dealers.
Still, Kathmandu is very charming, and I found enough energy to actually shop for some souvenirs.
For dinner we selected this sorta secluded place that has “beer garden” in its name. At least half of it was true, because despite all of two crappy beers offered, the garden was quite nice, had excellent Tibetan/Bhutanese/Nepali food, and for a couple of hours I felt like we were somewhere in Europe.
Oh, I think when I was going through security check at the Lukla airport (no metal detector, hence they normally look through your bags), the police officer was trying to by my headlamp - when I pulled it out of a backpack pocket he kept asking “how much”. They also asked me “which country” as I think they were writing down in a notebook where everyone was from. I said “Croatia”, they repeated “U.S. ??”, to which I just said “OK”.

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