Running after 4 weeks, and altitute training

May 30th, 2008

I had my concerns being away for four weeks that I wouldn’t be able to run when I came back from Nepal. I even brought my running shoes, but as mentioned in an earlier post, I’d be insane to try to run in Kathmandu traffic and pollution, so that didn’t happen.
I was hoping that being at high altitude for two weeks would make up for not using running muscles, being that my body was full of extra red blood cells that could carry more oxygen to my lungs and muscles…
The day after I came back, I set off on a standard 8.5 loop run with my running club, going at the pre-Nepal standard pace, and soon found out that yes, even with the extra blood cells, my leg muscles just gave up after about 4 miles, cramped up and waved the white flags…
This was bad news considering that a week later I was hoping to improve my Broad Street Run time from last year. After that run I pretty much gave up hope on that, until the start line where I met Geoff who normally runs a similar pace to mine, and who basically pulled me to the finish line in 1:11:59, about 50 seconds faster than last year, even though I was in great pain and pulled a few wrong muscles.
That makes 4/4 in PRs this year - a marathon, half-marathon, 5 miler, and a 10 miler… Let’s hope there will be a few more of those in the fall.

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