8 months and counting

April 23rd, 2009

Yup, I’m still injured! That’s quite possibly the reason why I don’t really update this blog - half of my previous entries had something to do with running, and I also felt too depressed to keep writing injury updates.
But at this point, it’s worth listing all the things I tried so far, just because it’s a bit funny, and will also remind me one day not to get injured again.
So in no particular order, these are the methods, items, medications, that I’ve tried since September:

  • 2 months of physical therapy at Excel
  • 1 month of Etodolac anti-inflammatory meds
  • Flector anti-inflammatory patches on my legs
  • Nitroglycerin trans-dermal patches on pain areas for several weeks (yes, those that heart patients use to prevent angina attacks
  • All natural bursitis patches from Australia, worn at night for a couple of weeks, they smell like vinegar, and always rip off too much hair in the morning
  • Home ultrasound kit - 4 weeks, an hour a day (although I may have used it wrong initially)
  • 6 weeks of aggressive PT at Zarett
  • 1 very painful scraping session for each leg at Zarett
  • Couple of myofascial release massages

Some of the tools in my home inventory are

  • the stick (one at home, one at work actually)
  • foam roller
  • some tennis balls that I lay on or sit on, depending on whether I’m releasing the hip flexor or massaging the hamstring
  • the super powerful Thumper massager
  • neoprene thigh compression sleeves that i wear whenever i walk or bike anywhere

And then there are countless hours of stretching and strengthening exercises at home, I would guess at least 4-5 hours a week, and even more during certain periods.

At this point I am feeling a little better, I think the last round of PT, plus the myofascial relese therapy might actually be making a difference, I just hope it’s not temporary.

In PT they pointed out some weaknesses and bad flexibility in parts not close to the injury (hamstrings), but that could have contributed to the initial injury. So I’m working on some hip flexibility and core strengthening, which will hopefully help me not get injured again, once I actually start running again.

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